25 Oct 2016

Mr. James Douglas Eger (“Jim Eger”)

28 Oct 2014

Producton Progress Update on Argentina Oilfield

08 Oct 2014

New Times Energy Sells Its Downstream Natural Gas Business to Blue Sky Power

10 Sep 2014

New Times Energy proposed acquisition of an Oil Field Services Company To accelerate the progress of the drilling programs in Argentina

01 Aug 2014

New Times Energy Bond Placement Update

31 Mar 2014

New Times Energy Announces 2013 Annual Results

27 Feb 2014

New Times Energy Enters 2014 by Completing Acquisition of 38.15% Interest In an Argentinean Oil & Gas Producing Field

17 Dec 2013

New Times Energy Obtains a 2-year Exploration Permits Extension on Argentine Concessions

04 Dec 2013

New Times Energy Announces Joint Venture with China National Petroleum Corporation

19 Nov 2013

New Times Energy Acquires 38.15% Share of Oil & Gas Producing Field in Argentina for approximately HK$100.75 million – Argentine oil & gas producing field with over 500,000 barrels of remaining reserves attributable to New Times Energy

18 Oct 2013

New Times Energy Appoints Paul Heffner as Non-executive Director

30 Aug 2013

New Times Energy Achieves a Net Profit of HK $39.07 million for 1H 2013 Optimizing Oil & Gas Portfolio to Achieve Profit and Growth in Production

05 Jun 2013

New Times Energy to commence gas provision to public vehicles in Guizhou province

21 May 2013

New Times Energy announces appointment of member to Oil & Gas Advisory Council and Chief Operating Officer

19 Feb 2013

New Times Energy Embarks on the Year with its First Oil Sale In the State of Utah in the United States

08 Feb 2013

New Times Energy Consolidates its Business Portfolio to Enhance Asset Value and Transparency

03 Feb 2013

New Times Energy’s Argentina Operations Update

31 Jan 2013

New Times Energy’s China Operations Update

22 Jan 2013

New Times Energy Further Expands its Natural Gas Business in Jiangsu Province, China

17 Jan 2013

New Times Energy Sells East Texas Oil & Gas Assets

01 Jan 2013

New Times Energy’s First LNG/CNG Station Commences Operation in Guizhou Province

26 Dec 2012

New Times Energy Enters into the EOR Business in PetroChina’s Liaohe Oilfield

24 Dec 2012

Press Release 1

02 Dec 2012

New Times Energy Expands its LNG integrated business in Guizhou Province, China

26 Nov 2012

Government Delegation of Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province meets with New Times Energy Corporation Limited Negotiates and Promotes Sheng Di Bai Cheng Energy Integrated Industrial Base Project

13 Nov 2012

New Times Energy Acquires Integrated LNG Utilization Project in Guizhou province, China

08 Nov 2012

New Times Energy Appoints Mr. Luo Ying Jun and Dr. Dong Xiu Cheng as Advisors

08 Oct 2012

New Times Energy Purchases Oil and Gas Operating Company and Seven Wells in Utah, United States – New Acquisitions Enable the Group to Expand and Operate its Utah Asset

17 Sep 2012

New Times Energy and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement Jointly Develop China and Overseas Oil & Gas Business

14 Sep 2012

New Times Energy Acquires New Oil Leases in Utah, United States

02 Sep 2012

New Times Energy Corporation Limited Announces 2012 Interim Results

08 Aug 2012

New Times Energy Sells Parts of Texas and Louisiana Oil & Gas Assets

01 Aug 2012

New Times Energy Acquires Interest in New Argentina Concession

11 Jul 2012

New Times Energy Launches Gasification of Rural Modernization Projects in China

16 May 2012

New Times Energy Acquires Four New Oil & Gas Concessions in Argentina

23 Apr 2012

New Times Energy’s USA Operations Update

17 Apr 2012

New Times Energy Terminates Iron Ore Business Sub-contracting Agreement

01 Mar 2012

New Times Energy Appoints Mr. Sun Jiangtian as Executive Director

26 Feb 2012

New Times Energy Signs Memorandum of Understanding for the Possible Acquisition of at least 4 New Oil and Gas Concessions in Argentina

18 Jan 2012

New Times Completes 3D Seismic Program in Argentina Concession, Next to Petrobras Oil Discovery

22 Dec 2011

New Times Energy Signed Letter of Intent Relating to Possible Acquisition of Further Interest in Two Exploration and Potential Exploitation Concessions in Argentina

20 Jul 2011

New Times Energy Establishes JV Company for Acquiring and Developing Oil & Gas Properties in the USA

21 Feb 2011

New Times Energy Scores More Success in Argentina Concession, Second Workover Successfully Completed

26 Jan 2011

New Times Energy’s Argentina Concession Starts To Produce Oil

02 Nov 2010

New Times Energy Announces its Successful Completion of Argentina Seismic Program

12 Sep 2010

New Times Energy Updates its Successful Exploration Progress in Argentina, Locating Four Wells through Seismic Acquisition


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