Social Responsibility


As an oil and gas exploration and production industry participant, we are well-aware of the impacts and potential risks that our field operations pose to the environment and the surrounding ecosystem. We adopt best industry practices and guidelines in our management of the environmental risks arising from our operations. We strictly comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations in the jurisdiction in which we operate in.


We fully recognise our employees are our critical asset. Therefore, our policy is to hire and retain employees with professional skills that enable us to achieve our strategic objectives, in a non-discriminatory matter. Recruitment and compensation are based on qualification, experience, skills and performance. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages in line with the local market rates for comparable roles and responsibilities in the industry.


Our board of directors and management strive to attain and maintain high standards of corporate governance best suited to the needs of our businesses and interest and value of the shareholders of the Company as the Board believes that effective governance is essential to our competitiveness and to our healthy growth.

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