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The Company is of the view that the complex geological structures create opportunities for the discovery of conventional light oil and natural gas during exploration activities. The exact drilling point is determined by geological studies and the necessary engineering, technology, logistics and security services are provided for the success of this stage.


Once the exploration stage is finished and depending on the found oil and gas reserves, the Field development plan is determined and executed, including facilities construction, new wells drillings, improvement of existing resources, etc.

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The Field exploitation targets are maximizing hydrocarbon production and operations efficiency, keeping high operation standards to ensure results’ quality and safety. The produced oil and gas are sold to our clients in the domestic market, looking for commercial relationships that maximize the company’s results.

Upstream Energy

Los Blancos Concession

The Los Blancos Concession (formerly known as the Chirete Concession) is home to one of the best single-producing conventional wells in the country. High Luck Group holds 50% interest in the concessions.

Size & Location


Working Interest

(as of 31 Dec, 2022)

Exploration Wells



Granted by the provincial authorities of Salta in October 2020, High Luck Group is entitled to produce crude oil in the Los Blancos Concession for the next 25 years.
  • Commissioning of Phase 1 permanent production facilities with target production 1000-1500 BOPD
  • Construction of Phase 1 permanent production facilities to commence
  • Application for Exploitation permit for the Chirete discovery, Apr – May 2019
  • Extended Well Test during Jan – March 2019, has produced 82,000 barrels of light-medium crude (API 37)
  • Successful drilling of HLG.St.LB.x-2001 in Nov 2018. Trial production proved the Los Blancos field is commercial.
  •  Application for the extension of the Third Exploratory Period until 18 November 2018 submitted to local authority.
  •  Completed exploration drilling of LB x-1002 well. Oil shows confirmed. Further studies and drillings to determine economic viability.
  • 50% farm-in offer made in consideration to drill, log, test and complete an exploration well.

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High Luck Group Limited (High Luck Group Argentina) is an oil company established in Argentina in 2008. We develop energy for the new times.

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